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   Start 2021 The Right Way.  

Immediately ramp up revenue without any more sales reps, through quicker access to qualified leads. Create a culture of success by increasing the close rate and inspiring your reps with better performance. Fill out the form below to learn more and start your free trial.


x-png-15 Problem: The 95% Dead-End Lead Crisis 

Hard-working sales reps in freight and logistics are chasing the wrong leads. They're wasting 95% of their time pursuing companies who don't need what they're selling. Logistics are not being fully optimized. Every day, millions of dollars are lost. Empty carriers, empty wallets.

That's because reps working with the wrong data.  Traditional sources don't reveal who's buying what, and which companies can afford what reps are selling. 

What's more, this crappy data is available in old-fashioned spreadsheets - with enormous time squandered on filtering and research.

Sales lost.  Productivity squashed.  Reps demoralized.


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check-mark-icon-png-3 Solution: Knock on The Right Doors, Sell Faster - a 50% Success Rate.

Zembles delivers targeted accuracy. It finds the right doors, the right leads, using sophisticated analytics to identify exclusive, verified data about a company's spend across the entire supply chain, including specific shipping and freight data.

Start with your current lead pipeline, cut out the crap, eliminate the crabgrass. (We're Roundup for ugly leads.) Then use Zembles to bring fresh and hot leads to your prospecting.